ROSHINIMICROSYSTEMS  ISO 9001:2000 certified 



  •      Design up to 18 layers (Multi-layer design)  
  •      Design of  Analog / Digital PCBs
  •      Commercial or Military

  •      Design of  critical RF boards

  •      Design of  Differential signals and High speed clock signals

  •      Signal Integrity Management           

  •      EMC & Thermal Analysis

  •      Impedance management

  •      Schematic Capture Net List, Part List  

  •      Output in all forma

  •      Documentation  ( Bill of Material, CAM Outputs, DXF and Gerber Data )

For most companies, board size, layer stack-up, component type, placement and routing is extremely critical. All the current surface mount technology (SMT) design and fabrication techniques available today can be utilized. Data line is heavily experienced in ultra hi-density single and double-sided component placement optimization of very fine to ultra fine pin pitched parts. Complex manual routing and auto-routing techniques. Mother-daughter board stacking utilizing both rigid and flex circuit interconnection. Fine-line traces/spaces, mini-vias, imbedded vias, shielded fast clock routes, fixed matched pairs, complex analog/digital multi-split VCC/GND planes, .040 dia, .100 spaced IC test point placement. After compiling your supplied net-list we pre-set the layout design rules before routing or placement of components begin. Design Rules Checking ( DRC) continually checks for both continuity and artwork opens and shorts. We can create complex, custom board outlines with many curves, slots, cut outs and angles. We can import directly into our PADS CAD system your mechanical .DXF file, to show fixed component locations, height restrictions, route/component keep-outs, tooling and board outline, Etc. Meticulous attention is given to all aspects of the design, including the often neglected silkscreen, solder mask and solder paste stencil. To simplify locating components during prototype de-bugging, we can re-sequence the component labels on the silkscreen. A back annotation file is supplied here to automatically back-annotate your CAD schematic


  • single side board 

  • Multi-layer PCBs up to 42 layers

  • Buried vias

  • Blind vias

  • Thermal clad

  • Gold plating

  • Flexible multi-layered PCBs

  • Inner layers Copper thickness ranging from 35 microns to 120 microns


  • Thru Hole & Surface Mount Assembly

  • Kitted or Turn-Key

  • High Temp Solder SN96 *Large Boards up to 25

  • Engineering Prototypes Available in 24-48 Hours

  • Small, Medium, to Large Production Quantities

  • Quick Turn & Standard Deliveries Available


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