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        Roshini Microsystems comes with a solid background in electronic printed circuit boards; PCBs that are of high quality, that are made as per customers turn-time needs, and that are highly affordable. 
After you have designed your electronic circuit schematics, you would like to have your hands on your new product as soon as you can! It is where we come in. We cater to your entire range of PCB design services needs - Circuit Schematic Capture, Layout design, PCB Fabrication, and PCB Asse

     We can also provide you front-end design services - that is, converting your product idea and specs into an electronic circuit - in specific application domains.

These may also include : 

    • Software development, 
    • PCB Design, 
    • PCB Fabrication. 
    • Product design

     PCB Layout design process generally starts with Circuit Schematics that have been captured using a Schematic Capture package. Such a package will provide the requisite Schematics and Net-List files. In case you have not entered your circuit diagram into a popular schematic capture software, but have it available hand-drawn on paper or as graphic file, then our engineers can capture the schematics on a Schematics capture.

Design issues

     There are several SIGNAL INTEGRITY related issues in Layout Design. Some critical portions of the circuit may need special layout design considerations. Certain signals may need to have strict length constraints due to controlled timing delay requirements. Some signal lines may need to have well defined Characteristic Impedance and/or constraints on parasitic capacitance or inductance. Some signals or circuit portions may need to be specially routed so as to minimize the electromagnetic radiation susceptibility, interference and noise.

     As a general rule, The more the complexity , the high the frequency of the design is, the greater are the SI issues . Here is a list of some of the factors that influence the layout design:·

Circuit type

Whether the circuit is completely Digital or completely Analog, or Mixed Signal, Prints and/or plots of all artwork Films can also be made available

Parasitic· Impedance control requirements

    •  Split Planes
    •  Differential pairs
    •  Length and delay control
    •  Net Shielding

     It is therefore important to make the layout designer aware of all such issues, to ensure that the critica signals are given special treatment and all the circuitry functions as per desired specifications. PCB Fabrication.

    •  Multi-Layer PCBs from1 to 40 layers.
    •  Quick-Turn Prototypes.
    •  100% Electrical Net List Testing/ Verification.
    •  Simple to medium to high complexity boards.
    •  Various Solder mask.
    •  Gold plating.
    •  Silkscreen options
    •  Impedance and Dielectric Control: At the PCB fabrication stage,

these controls need to be adhered to so that the designers' parameters are met..

     Various PCB Materials: FR4, Rogers, Nelco SI, Getek, Ployimide etc.P C B DesignesServicesProductsPCB Assembly Services· Surface Mount and Through-hole · Both side Components· Fine pitch components· BGAs and microBGAs - X-Ray Inspection· Consignment & Turnkey· Box / Chassis design, fabrication & assemblyFull Design Documentation· Circuit Schematics & Net-Lists.

All electronic data files including databases, libraries and CAM files· Fabrication and Mechanical drawings P C B Designs, Services, Products, System / Board Design from Concept / Specs. We can implement your specs/concepts into an appropriate circuit and/or system. As part of the initial engagement, our system design team will discuss with you all your functional requirements and come up with a circuit implementation for your review and approval. On approval, the rest of the detailed design and development steps will be undertaken. Our system design team is experienced in designing a wide range of systems - from very simple to very complex systems.

Involving FPGAs, CPLDs, or even ASICs. And associated firmware, embedded software, application software. We provide Complete Hardware / Firmware/ Software System Development. Old/ Obsolete Design Database Conversion/ Translation You may like to convert your old or obsolete design databases into different formats or your currently used formats. We can do such conversions/ translations at highly affordable prices. We handle a variety of formats. P C B Designs, Services, Products. We provide a range of ASIC Design Services as per customers varying needs.

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